Tijuana Panthers

Tijuana Panthers

So Many Wizards, The Velveteins

Fri, July 14, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm (event ends at 12:30 am)

Las Vegas, NV

$10.00 - $13.00

This event is 21 and over

Tijuana Panthers - (Set time: 11:30 PM)
Tijuana Panthers
The Tijuana Panthers got their name from the little black ceramic panther that was a present from their neighbor Max Baker—yes, the Max Baker who they named their first album after, and who deserves a bio all his own—and they got their sound from that strange place where punk bands crash into pop music and come out the other side, bristling with hooks and hitting three-part harmonies almost by happy accident.

Even the Beach Boys were once a garage band, and after them came the waves of kids playing rock ‘n’ roll somewhere between the surf and the surface streets. Then when punk showed up in the ‘70s, it was just an adjustment in hairstyle and speed. The Buzzcocks did this a whole hemisphere away, the Real Kids and the Modern Lovers did it on the other side of the country, and the Crowd and the Simpletones did it just a few towns over. And now Tijuana Panthers come striding proudly out of their hometown of Long Beach, California.
So Many Wizards - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
So Many Wizards
So Many Wizards is the dreamy, jangly dream-punk project led by Nima. What began as a solo bedroom project indebted to Syd Barrett evolved into a fully-formed band that has garnered attention from Pitchfork, Stereogum, Aquarium Drunkard, and Impose Magazine; spins on BBC 1, KCRW, and SiriusXM (courtesy of Lou Reed); festival stops at SXSW and CMJ; and US and UK tours. A week after the release of their debut album, Warm Nothing, Kazerouni’s daughter was born causing his sudden move to Tucson, Arizona, taking him 500 miles away from his bandmates. Despite the distance, the band managed to release their “Night Chills”/”Daydream” 7”, a single with Converse Rubber Tracks, and shared the stage with Thee Oh Sees, No Age, Colleen Green, Audacity, Feels, Terry Malts, Lovely Bad Things, and more.

Now as a father, the delusion of adulthood began to set in. A new collection of fears and anxieties began to creep into his psyche. This was exacerbated by a series of deaths – a family member, a best friend, and the end of an 8-year long relationship. The experience left Kazerouni spiritually exhausted, culminating in a nervous breakdown, or “nervous breakthrough.” Kazerouni was finally able to lose a grip of himself and let all the problems and anxieties that he tried so hard to ignore wash over him. It was here where Kazerouni found refuge in the idea of mortality, instilling in him a newfound determination to make the most of the present, because everyone’s life ultimately ends the same way. This emotional journey, from its dark hues to its liberated epiphany, is chronicled in Heavy Vision.

Recorded over 6 months with producer/engineer Eric Penna (Samira’s Infinite Summer, SadGirl), Heavy Vision contains some of the grittiest, fastest and most ambitious songs the group has written to date. The band is rounded out by drummer Erik Felix, who has been a member of the band for all but the first EP, bassist Devin Ratliff and guitarist Tomemitsu. The album begins with Kazerouni’s newfound perspective on “Sic Boys.” Tranquil, opening chords are pushed along by building drums and skittering cymbals; vocals are panned to give the impression of Kazerouni speaking to himself. “I don’t care if I drown in there, I don’t care if I get swept out to sea… nothing to lose,” he sings. Tomemitsu’s intricate leads and spacey tones introduce a spark of psychedelia that is felt through the album’s murky yet spritely 12-song track-list. “Modern Way” speaks to those lost in the monotony of life over a melodic bass line and breezy guitar making for the softest and brightest moment on the album. “Before She Runs” is a somber recollection of a failed relationship that alternates between a buoyant rhythm and contemplative pre-chorus that recalls Black Tambourine. “It Comes For Us” is energy-packed with its pounding drums, driving bass and the most ripping guitar solo found on any So Many Wizards song. “Just Poison” resembles Jay Reatard (notably the band’s biggest influence) if he wrote for a dream pop band. “Crows” shows Kazerouni at his lowest, waiting for his body to be picked for dead, as he channels Marine Girls and John Dwyer all in the same breath. The album concludes with “Hash,” a thrashy number that offers moments of relief before being thrust back into the fray. In a way, the song reflects what Kazerouni has experienced, and what he’s learned. Life is a series of chaotic episodes, interspersed with moments of serenity and solutions – and it doesn’t stop, “so take it for what it is.”
The Velveteins - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
The Velveteins
The Velveteins are a rock and roll band consisting of members Spencer Morphy (vocals/guitar), Addison Hiller (percussion) and Dean Kheroufi originally from Edmonton, Canada. Their latest work " A Hot Second With The Velveteins" was produced by Lincoln Parish and described as "a collision of the Kinks and the Libertines, rollicking garage, moody surf and pop classicism with a rough edge" (EXCLAIM!). Their distinctive style of heavy guitar pop has translated into raucous and energetic shows opening for larger acts such as July Talk, Elephant Stone, Milo Greene and Michael Rault and appearing across Canada, America, and the UK.

Formed by front man Spencer Morphy, The Velveteins were officially realized in the summer of 2014, after his return from time vagabonding around Australia. The band recorded and self released an EP and soon caught the ear of ex-member of Cage The Elephant, Lincoln Parish. They flew down to Nashville and cut "A Hot Second with The Velveteins" and inked a deal with the Canadian expansion of UK Label Fierce Panda in early 2016. The band followed the release with a 30-date tour across three countries which included stops at The Great Escape, London, Toronto, and Los Angeles. The video for single "Hanging From The Ceiling" was also featured on heavy rotation on Much Music. Set to release their debut LP in early 2017, The Velveteins have already proven to be gaining momentum with their vibrant captivating records and thrilling live performances.
Venue Information:
124 South 11th Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89101