Guided By Voices

A Nightmare on 11th Street Presents ...

Guided By Voices

Halloween Town, A Crowd of Small Adventures, Blair and Chani

Fri, October 27, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

Las Vegas, NV

$30.00 - $35.00

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This event is 21 and over

Guided By Voices - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Guided By Voices
Twenty-two years ago in 1994, 38-year-old school teacher Robert Pollard & his merry band recorded Bee Thousand in a Dayton, Ohio basement on a 4-track cassette recorder. This improbable rock classic became an enormously influential album; Spin and Pitchfork have called it one of the best records of the ’90s, and Amazon picked Bee Thousand as #1 on their list of the 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums Of All Time. An amazing live band with a rabid following, the Washington Post called GBV “the Grateful Dead equivalent for people who like Miller Lite instead of acid!”
After 22 albums, 24 solo records and countless side projects, Pollard has recorded a new GBV album by himself and has assembled an exciting new GBV line-up for 2016 touring: Doug Gillard (guitar), Bobby Bare Jr (guitar), Mark Shue (bass) and Kevin March (drums).
Halloween Town - (Set time: 12:30 AM)
Halloween Town

Halloween Town is a collective of artists contributing to the songs of Las Vegas singer/songwriter Ryan Pardey. Mark Stoermer (The Killers), Jason Hill and Brian Karscig (Louis XIV) began recording Halloween Town's Zafra Ct. in San Diego, CA and assembled a number of notable artists and collaborators to help out: Shaun Cornell (Transfer), and Michael Stratton (12 Volt Sex), Dave Keuning (The Killers), Matt Dublin (The Red Romance, Ambulance LTD) and anyone else that felt inspired to help Pardey document his musings. Producer/engineer Doug Boehm (Girls, Booker T, The Vines) mixed Zafra Ct. in Los Angeles, CA. in late 2011, tying it all together into a single work of art.

Actor/director Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds, 500 Days of Summer) created the artwork for the 7" Summer (the dreamer from 1997) / Darlin' if you're worried. Halloween Town supported The Killers on a leg of the sold out "Day and Age" world tour, to support the initial release of Summer.

Zafra Ct. is the second release by Halloween Town on Gubler's boutique label, CornStalk Recordings. Gubler and Pardey have worked together several times, most notably on The Killers release "Don't Shoot Me Santa". Pardey played a key role on the track not only with his vocal duet with Killers front man Brandon Flowers, but also by starring in the music video directed by Gubler. "Don't Shoot Me Santa" was released in 2007 and broke the top 40 music charts in both the UK and Canada.

Pardey is a Las Vegas native who has supported his musical career as a bartender, tour manager, karaoke host, Alaskan kayak guide and an assistant to The Killers. The son of famed gambler and poker player Rod Pardey, Ryan is no stranger to the casino floor -- at times even immersing himself in the family trade.

Halloween Town's music can be seen to paint a portrait of a family -- and indeed, the city of Las Vegas itself -- in a perpetual state of struggle and triumph, and Zafra Ct. is a record that hopes to define Pardey, the Las Vegas son, in a poetic and honest way. Halloween Town may have the Las Vegas headliners lighting up the marquee of the album, but at its heart seems to be a broken Reno lounge act with a pocketful of chips and a story to tell.
A Crowd of Small Adventures - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
A Crowd of Small Adventures
The music of A Crowd of Small Adventures is posited on texture and story with stirring harmonies and violin flourishes. They have been described as having Arcade Fire-like fervor, producing doom-laden Joy Division pop and Postal Service-meets-Queen rock.

Their first full-length was released in 2010 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. “There was no better example of musical perfection and pleasure in 2010 than A Crowd of Small Adventures’ A Decade in X-Rays, their second CD release. The quartet smartly fine-tuned these nine alt-pop songs…… and the result is a flawless album. “….the album is fantastic and so are they."

-- Mike Prevatt, Las Vegas City Life

“Wilcox sings as if he were trying to dislodge his heart from his throat, his words setting the tone for an immediate yet nuanced record that’s one of the best releases to come from Las Vegas this year.”

-- Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review Journal.

A Crowd of Small Adventures was voted the Best Local Rock Band in 2011 by both readers and editors alike in the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas issue.
Blair and Chani - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Blair and Chani
Venue Information:
124 South 11th Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89101