Headwinds, Candace, Ted Rader



Ted Rader

Mon, March 5, 2018

7:00 pm

Las Vegas, NV

$5.00 - $8.00

This event is 21 and over

Formed as a two-piece back in the spring of 2011, with Gady Miguel Monterroso (Guitars, Vocals), and Steven Ruelas (Drums). Jesse M. Magana (Bass) joined in the summer.

In March 2013, Headwinds played their first show to warm reception at Kramer's; in their hometown of Las Vegas, NV. The summer of 2013 saw new members Adrian Ruelas on drums as well as former members of Beacon, The Fucking Party, Mons Wolf, Lester Freamon and at least 12 other failed projects; Kirk Steadman on Bass and Matthew Reininger on Guitar. Brenden Jones was the last to join, playing synths, messing around with electronics and just generally making noise.
Although as of August 2014 Headwinds has returned to its original vision as three piece.

In the vein of Punk, 90's Post-hardcore, and other more rootsy styling; Headwinds was formed by a group of friends who were looking to broaden the plate of Las Vegas Punk with more combinations of sounds; energy; and the grit of underground music. Influenced from everything from D.I.Y. Indie production; including the abrasive and primal innovations of the late 80's/90's scene; all the way to the foreign sounds of abroad; spanning into other musical genres and influences. Headwinds aims to show the more bombastic side of the heyday; as well as share the experience with other artists around the globe..
Candace (formerly known as Is/Is) can be traced back to the summer of 2009 when Sarah Rose (guitar/bass/vocals), Sarah Nienaber (guitar/bass/vocals), and Mara Appel DesLauriers (drums/vocals) came up with the great idea to make music together. The band released the This Happening EP (2010), the “Vowel Movements/Blackest Beat” 7” (2011), their full-length debut, III, in 2012, Is/Is (2014), and a number of singles before announcing their name change to Candace in 2016. New Future, the band’s first official release under the new name, was produced, recorded, and mixed by Neil Weir and Candace at Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland, Oregon, where the band all lives.

Writing momentum stayed steady following the release of New Future so the band took a trip to Iowa just a few days after Trump was elected to work on some new material. Working with long-time collaborator Neil Weir, at Flat Black Studios, built in an old barn in the middle of nowhere outside of Iowa City, surrounded by corn fields and nothing else, they ate frozen pizza, tracked for 12-hours a day, and then passed out in a loft sleeping area above the studio. Once the songs were done, the band handed the finished material off to Larry Crane at Jackpot! for mixing. Their new full-length, New Ruins, is to be released in March 2018.
Venue Information:
124 South 11th Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89101