Moon Darling

Moon Darling

The Laissez Fairs, Indigo Kidd, The Psyatics

Thu, July 19, 2018

8:00 pm

Las Vegas, NV

$7.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

The Laissez Fairs
The Laissez Fairs
THE LAISSEZ FAIRS...the inevitable band...really. Once John Fallon (The Steppes) was serious about making music again, Joe Lawless appeared in a '67 Chrysler with the means to make it happen...and more. They do not compromise. They do what they want...because that is what you want. The right noise, the right vision, the right everything. Yes, they are very particular, very peculiar...what's the difference?

THE LAISSEZ FAIRS are a very real 4-piece band that takes their recorded output and re-invents it for the in-the-flesh experience. Both realms conquered. Inspired acid dandies with large sticks and Stones (standing in the shadows). Face To Face with that old Revolver awaiting the Aftermath with Flowers. Driving down Highway 61 on their High Horse...Again Again Again. It's just like I told you...Bells Ring Out and nothing seems the same.

Welcome to the evolving world of THE LAISSEZ FAIRS...We Love You...of course, we do.
Indigo Kidd
Indigo Kidd
Some bands meet at a concert, in college, through craigslist, or even get set up by Buzz Osbourne. Indigo Kidd, on the other hand, grew together. In a small agriculture town on the east side of Washington state called Yakima. The Bassist Dalton Willett and singer/ guitarist Eli Curtsinger have been playing and writing together since 2006. That doesn't really seem weird, until you realize that they were both around 13 years old at the time. So, like you can guess, they sucked and played Blink-182 rip offs for a couple years before discovering Nirvana and other Alternative music. They would recruit Eli's younger cousin Garrett Curtsinger to join their band in 2011, and the rest is history. They played as a band in high school, had a falling out, saw the world, lived life in different places, but inevitably came back to the group that worked the best.. It worked because it was never one very dedicated guy and two lackeys, or a singer/ songwriter combo accompanied by a friend. This band consists of three friends who were developed by each other's presence. They are a tight knit group, and the musical chemistry is just as strong as their chemistry as long time chums. Maybe that's the best part about this band. Most of the time, it seems that bands don't really get too interesting until you can see enough personality to process the dynamics of the group, and if there is one thing that Indigo Kidd isn't lacking, it's personality... Whether Garrett has just woken up from an anime binge hibernation, Dalton is scamming people with his rubrix cube, Eli got catfished again, or the whole band moves to Las Vegas because of the advice of a cynical writer they befriended at the coffee shop there is never really a dull moment with them. Even the band's exquisite art is made by their roommate/ aspiring graphic designer Alexis Lee. Have we inspired a sitcom yet? This band has been coined as Garage pop, dream pop, indie punk, and many others. They have also been likened to a "post-millennial Misfits" by KUNV 91.5 The Source and "Yakima's best band" by On Magazine of the Yakima Herald. That's just hype though, go see them yourself! And check out the recent release Mixed Tape For Senpai at ... More releases TBA!
Venue Information:
124 South 11th Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89101