New Candys, Name The Band, The Laissez Fairs

New Candys

Name The Band

The Laissez Fairs

Mon, April 1, 2019

8:00 pm

Las Vegas, NV

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

New Candys
New Candys
Italian psychedelic band from Venice, formed in 2008.
Their influences have roots in The Velvet Underground and Syd Barrett.

Fernando Nuti: lead vocals, guitar, sitar.
Dario Lucchesi: drums, percussion.
Andrea Volpato: lead guitar, backing vocals. From November 2017.
Alessandro Boschiero: bass. From June 2018.
Diego Menegaldo: lead guitar, backing vocals. Until May 2018.
Stefano Bidoggia: bass. Until February 2018.
Name The Band
NAME THE BAND is an independent rock band from São Paulo, Brazil. When Lou Reed, David Bowie and Devo meets The Strokes and The Arctic Monkeys. An original and modern act, with a punk rock accent, and an indie rock atmosphere. The band's debut happened at Lollapalooza Brazil 2013, and since then they are taking over the indie rock scene. Living in Los Angeles, CA, since September 2014, #FlashFloodUSATour is their debut tour in North America.
The Laissez Fairs
The Laissez Fairs
THE LAISSEZ FAIRS...the inevitable band...really. Once John Fallon (The Steppes) was serious about making music again, Joe Lawless appeared in a '67 Chrysler with the means to make it happen...and more. They do not compromise. They do what they want...because that is what you want. The right noise, the right vision, the right everything. Yes, they are very particular, very peculiar...what's the difference?

THE LAISSEZ FAIRS are a very real 4-piece band that takes their recorded output and re-invents it for the in-the-flesh experience. Both realms conquered. Inspired acid dandies with large sticks and Stones (standing in the shadows). Face To Face with that old Revolver awaiting the Aftermath with Flowers. Driving down Highway 61 on their High Horse...Again Again Again. It's just like I told you...Bells Ring Out and nothing seems the same.

Welcome to the evolving world of THE LAISSEZ FAIRS...We Love You...of course, we do.
Venue Information:
124 South 11th Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89101